A recently enacted bill states that a transgender student is permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic  teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity.


So this week Q-Line asked:

How do you feel about the new transgender rules and why?

Here are your responses:

“The greatest dream me and my male pals had in John Adams and Samohi was to just get a little peek in the girls‚Äô shower room! Wow, if we could just put on a dress and go on in, our dream would have been fulfilled! This law is just silly! One better solution would be to make bathrooms and locker rooms for all sexes. Toilets and showers can be individualized with large locking doors on both. It will save money in the long run since there would only be one large bathroom and locker room instead of multiple facilities. Just put closed, locking doors on individual showers and toilets.”


“I don‚Äôt know what the big whoop is, after all a transgender person is a human being aren‚Äôt they? Yes, of course they should be given the same rules as other people, after all they‚Äôre a human being aren‚Äôt they? And that‚Äôs number one, last time I checked the Constitution. You need to treat people with respect. They can‚Äôt help it if they‚Äôre transgender. I happen to know a transgender person and you couldn‚Äôt ask for a more ideal human being.”


“The new proposition will not work. It‚Äôs actually unworkable and it will become so expensive for so few people that it‚Äôs just not worth it. The alternate suggestion is to allow people to participate in either male or female, but do not create an additional category. It‚Äôs disaster.”


“The Legislature passes a ridiculous law like this, and that idiot Brown signs it. And they wonder why people think politicians are morons. These sex change [folks] are going to have to just learn to accept the fact that they can not change their sex. They claim this is what they are. Well, I hereby proclaim that I am Brad Pitt. I‚Äôm sure Hollywood will be beating down my door with film offers. Maybe in some fantasy world, but not in the real world. You were born a boy or a girl. You don‚Äôt like it? Tough. Accept it, [and] don‚Äôt expect people to believe your nonsense.”



“Even though there are rules against bullying in schools, these children will always be made fun of and probably bullied. If only they could wait until they are 18 and then they can come out and do whatever they want and live their life the way they want to. At least have a safer existence and study and learn in school while they‚Äôre young.”


“I think that it‚Äôs really a dumb law because until you have a sex change or something like that a boy is a boy, a girl is a girl. I understand people feel that they‚Äôre born the wrong sex, I have no problem with that. But still, a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. A boy is stronger than a girl. How could he participate on a woman‚Äôs team? And if I was a girl I would feel very strange about having a boy come into the dressing room with me or come in to the restroom with me. I don‚Äôt think boys would mind as much as girls do, especially in high school, they wouldn‚Äôt mind having a girl come in to the restroom. But I just think it‚Äôs a dumb question and a dumb law and I think something needs to be changed about it. In fact, the schools, if this is the way it‚Äôs going to be, need to have separate restrooms for gendered students.”


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