SMDP is a small but mighty group of locals dedicated to being a nimble, agile media company. Accountability, commitment, and integrity are our top priorities. Keeping things simple and playing nice is what we do. 

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Graphic Designer, 3D designer, Pro Footballer, never sleeps.
Soufiane Baslam

Marketing Manager, most social.
Dina Araniva

SMDP Business Supervisor,
Loves Treats.

Graphic Designer, Social Butterfly, loves food, photography.
Rachel Breton

Web Developer/Designer, Gym Rat, Travel Enthusiast, Bodybuilder.
Francisco Cerda

OG Partner, Aspen resident
Dave Danforth

Graphic Designer, Editorial Design, Illustrator, dedicated father of 5 dogs.
Julio Davalos

President/Partner/Co-Founder, husband and father, bike commuter, surfer.
Ross Furukawa

Editor-in-Chief, Buddy the Office Dog’s dad.
Matt Hall

Partner, King of the one-liner.
Todd James

Vice President of Design, Skateboarder, Traveler, foodie and surfer.
Esteban Inchaustegul Moreno

Staff Writer.
Thomas Leffler

Advertising Director, Dodger Superfan, networking queen.
Cindy Moreno

Guadalupe Navarro, can fix anything

Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Editorial Designer, YouTube star
Charlie Salas

Reporter, Foodie, Mini Cooper Driver, loves the history of Dogtown.
Scott Snowden

Keith Wyatt, pro musician

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