In 2022, people are spending 8.2 hours per day interacting with digital media. Only 10 minutes of that are spent using Google search. Our solution markets your business during the other eight hours your potential customers are watching videos, reading content or playing games.

We vastly increase the efficiency of your ad budget by targeting your message to customers based on their location, demographics, job title or other important factors.

SMDP’s full stack digital agency can send targeted ads to phones, apps, Smart TVs or other devices as people move throughout the internet.

Why use us?

Because we are humans. SMDP is a boutique agency that can provide big results with even better customer service. We will handle your creative, strategy and optimization. If you need some guidance along the way, or just want to understand more, one of our humans will meet with you in person or over the phone and happily walk you through the process. Try calling Google or Facebook and see if they pick up!

To learn more and grow your business, contact us:  (310) 573-8342 (310) 573-8074