See the light


I’m an avid biker but I also drive. It bothers me so much that every day I encounter people on their bikes who lack a light so that they can be seen.

When such a person rides on the street in an area with insufficient street lighting, this is a recipe for disaster. In case of a collision the biker is the weaker party landing on the pavement, in the hospital or worse.

Contributing to this unacceptable situation is the fact that so called fixie bikes that are sold in places like BIG 5 don’t come with a light already equipped. A lot of especially young people have a total lack of responsibility and common sense. It also seems that from the side of our Police Department there is very little or no enforcement at all. A bike without a working light should be treated the same way as a car.

When their property is affected, people will hopefully learn quick. It is also not possible that on streets like Stewart between Olympic and Pico where there are three Stop-signs in quick succession motorists stop but people on their bikes do not.

I believe penalties for such behavior should be in place. In that area there was always

police presence/motorcycle-cops hiding on the side by the park etc.-but I haven’t seen

this recently. Does the City of Santa Monica not need the revenue anymore or what is

the reason?


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