Letters are generally published in the paper and online. All content is published at the Editor’s discretion and submitting a letter is no guarantee of publication. Submissions can be up to 800 words. All letters must include the author’s full name and address (for verification purposes only). Only your name and city of residence will be published in the paper and online. Letters sent as images, uneditable documents or in formats that prevent extraction of the text will not be published.

Letters that contain factual errors, personal attacks or violate community standards will not be published. Letters that are part of a political campaign (including those by political candidates and form letters from advocacy organizations) will not be published. We do not accept letters from third parties without the specific verification from the author.

Acceptable material will be published at the first available opportunity based on the newspaper’s production cycle. Submissions are not gauranteed to publish on any specific day or schedule.

Email the editor: letters@smdp.com.

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