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We are the originators of local content that makes a difference in the lives of residents, visitors and our workforce. Local news is the most trusted source of accurate content, and doesn’t exist anywhere else online or in print.

When you advertise in our products, your brand, business, service or offer is directly connected to our trusted, reliable content. You are instantly tied to the reasons why people choose to live, work and visit here.

That’s a valuable connection! 

The Santa Monica Daily Press is Santa Monica’s leading source of news and information. Advertising your business in our daily publication gets your business 81,500 impressions per week in Santa Monica.

That’s a lot of eyeballs!

With over 600 different distribution points and access to our e-dition just a few point and clicks or taps away on any desktop, laptop tablet or smart phone, we’re easily accessible and always live and local. Plus, we provide complimentary design and ad production services for all of our advertising clients, our team of experts knows how to help you get your message to Santa Monica effectively without busting your budget.

The news we create matters most. 

In these times, having your business connected to legitimate local independent reporting is extremely valuable. We do the heavy lifting of reporting on our local government, public entities, schools, transportation, crime, all of the things that are essential to a functioning, modern democracy.

It’s affordable and efficient.

Compare us to any other platform with the targeting we provide, connected to real content and you will see that the value we offer is comparable to search and social, while offering a much more engaged audience that is actively learning about Santa Monica!


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