I watched last Tuesday’s council meeting I was gobsmacked when the Council failed to secure a majority vote to extend the meeting passed 11:00 pm (which City Councils have done routinely for the last four decades) .  But when I saw the Daily Press article about the meeting, I was gobsmacked again by the utterly false characterization of it.   It is simply not true that the Council walked out – four members of the Council – Brock, De La Torre, Parra and Negrete – voted no on a motion to extend the meeting, thus the motion failed and those four walked out.  The other three voted Yes to extend the meeting and were left wondering what had just happened.

On January 6, even after a riotous mob had seized the Capital and threatened the lives of members of Congress, that same Congress returned and stayed late to finish the people’s business. 

But the so-called “Change Slate” majority can’t hang in there because a few dozen people complained about a matter on the agenda.  

Yes,democracy can be challenging.  Didn’t they know that when they ran?

Denny Zane, Santa Monica