My household expenses keep getting higher, and here comes PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E wanting to force me to pay the highest utility tax in the nation. They’re taking corporate greed to the next level, knowing full well that we are forced to use their services and they can apparently do and charge whatever they want. Why did the legislature and Gavin Newsom vote to let them do this?

This deceptive utility tax doesn’t just hurt our pocket books–it hurts the environment. It turns California’s long commitment to energy conservation on its head. The utility tax proposal takes away consumer incentives to conserve energy and to seek cheaper and cleaner alternatives to the grid. That makes no sense and is a giant step backwards on climate justice.

I am writing to you today to put a spotlight on this issue. The public deserves to know what is happening behind closed doors, so that we can band together and stop this outrageous utility tax, that will increase bills for millions of hard working Californians. We URGENTLY need public awareness on this issue so that the legislature can REPEAL this utility tax and stop letting utilities get away with whatever they want.

John Barone, Santa Monica