There's a long history of media reports on Chad Busto's arrests

The man who caused Drew Barrymore to be rushed from the stage yesterday appears to have a long criminal history including an arrest in Santa Monica. 

Social media lit up on Monday with footage of the actress interviewing singer Reneé Rapp in New York at a live event. As the two are talking, a man approaches the stage and identifies himself as Chad Michael Busto. He’s heard demanding Barrymore speak to him while she is in town but Rapp quickly escorts Barrymore from the stage while security prevents Busto from accessing the stage. 

A man by the same name was arrested in Santa Monica in 2009. 

At that time, witnesses saw a man breaking into the old Greyhound bus station on the 1400 block of Fifth Street. Busto was identified as one of two suspects in that case and after a brief scuffle with police he was arrested for resisting and seven outstanding warrants. 

He has also had several arrests for disorderly conduct and trespassing in Georgia, Texas, Minnesota, Florida and Wisconsin in recent years. 

Social media users have said he is a known stalker targeting other famous women.