I am so sick and tired of the trashiness and general neglect of our city.

Yes some of it is the result of people living on the street but a lot is the result of no oversight on the part of city workers/contractors.

It is a version of “long Covid ” I guess where we expect less and that is what we get.

Trash is left everywhere but in trashcans. If trash is spilled when picking up and emptying containers it is left behind on the street.

Bins for recycle, trash and compost are full of anything but the labeled contents.

Dog waste is left behind by inconsiderate pet owners.

There’s always an article about the Promenade or Ocean Way having ruckuses but there are ruckuses daily in front of my building on Lincoln or next door to me at the McDonald’s.

Lincoln Boulevard is a highway. (US 1). People drive 60 mph or more. Pedestrians are at their mercy. I rarely see police monitoring traffic or speeding vehicles. The exhaust and micro particulate are at dangerous levels. The noise pollution goes on 24/7.

And developers may succeed at building 500 more apartments at Lincoln and Ocean Park!!

At the same time gutting our grocery, pharmacy, dentist, dry cleaners, optician, hair dresser, nail salon, ups, and restaurant which operate at that spot.

For everyone who feels Santa Monica is charming, I say – it used to be and maybe it still is if you don’t actually live here.

Killeen Pilon, Santa Monica