TMNT Experience
The TMNT experience has already sold out

In light of the new Mutant Ninja Turtle coming to theaters on Aug. 2, a free Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) pop-up experience has been installed on the Promenade as a welcoming premiere for the film.

“The Mutant Ninja Turtle pop-up is a really cool immersive experience that is fun and free for the entire family, kids and adults alike. Anybody who is a fan of the turtles, old and new, this is kind of a way to reignite the nostalgia and also kind of form new fans. And it’s a really fun way to get a sneak peek of the movie,” said Carlie Richman.

The TMNT experience follows the very successful Barbie World installation at the nearby Santa Monica Place Mall and local officials have said that entertainment tie-in events like these could be part of the Promenades revitalization as they bring out visitors who then eat, shop or otherwise support nearby businesses.

Tickets for the experience quickly sold out in advance of the movie opening on Aug. 2 for both the family friendly day-time experience and the more intense “Ooze After Dark” version aimed at older audiences.