In his letter dated 11/2/22 “Attack the Messenger,” Wade Major urges voters to cast their ballots for school board candidates backed by a PAC called “A Brighter Future,” as they are purportedly dedicated to transparency and accountability with the goal of “restoring trust.”  

What Major fails to mention is that “A Brighter Future” willfully ignored mandatory state deadlines for disclosing donors to its PAC and belatedly revealed that, of $33,585 in campaign donations received during its most recent reporting period, $30,000 (89%) was donated by a single non-resident dentist from Glendale.  So can we trust candidates backed by a PAC which can’t muster donations locally and has to resort to funds from a wealthy out-of-town donor?  And why is a Glendale dentist so interested in the Santa Monica-Malibu school board race?

Joseph Pertel, Santa Monica

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