We are a group of 47 Samoshel residents that wish to bring a message of gratitude to the Santa Monica City Council and to the citizens of Santa Monica for their support of the Samoshel Shelter and the organization that operates it, The People Concern. We’ve attached a copy to this letter that all 47 of us have signed.

Over the past year, we have seen a number of very negative articles in local newspapers that were prompted by the complaints from a few disgruntled clients, that were brought to the City Council. As we saw yet another of those articles published a few weeks ago, we feel that it is time to speak up. Based on our experience at Samoshel, those outrageous complaints are completely without foundation. We want you to know the truth about Samoshel and The People Concern.

Samoshel is an excellent, safe, clean facility with a caring, helpful and considerate staff. Each of us has a clean, comfortable bed as well as a locker and storage bin in which to safely store our belongings. We have clean bathroom and shower facilities. There is ample food that is available 4 times each day and also upon request if you miss one of the meal times. There is a laundry facility on site that is available to us every evening.

There is a staff of Case Managers as well as medical staff on site every day. In addition, there is a staff of Shelter Monitors on site 24 hours a day to handle any issues that may come up. There is an open door policy direct to the shelter management if any of us has a concern. It has been our experience that any issues that come up are promptly addressed in an effective manner. It seems to us that this dedicated staff rarely gets a pat on the back for the tremendously difficult job that they perform, each day, with a smile and an encouraging word for each of us. We want each of them to know how much we appreciate their incredible effort!

Several times each week, local churches and other organizations bring in wonderful meals and donate resources such as clothing, toiletries, haircuts and more. We are truly grateful for all that you do for us!

Many of us have had experience at other homeless shelters in the Los Angeles area while waiting to get into Samoshel. Those were not good experiences. Based on those experiences, it is our opinion that Samoshel is the model for every other organization to look to, if they wish to bring a solution to the growing homeless crisis. There are so many success stories of Samoshel clients moving on to permanent housing and productive lives. That is what Samoshel is all about, A SOLUTION! Many of those alumni visit often to volunteer and to share their experience and hope.

There is a sense of family among residents at Samoshel that is encouraged by the staff. That in itself is amazing, given that there are 60+ formerly homeless individuals in the facility. And, perhaps most important, is the overall sense that we are safe and cared for. Samoshel is focused on a permanent solution to homelessness for each of us and we are provided with everything we need (and more!) to move forward. THANK YOU!


Tom J, Lynart Wilds, George Coleman, C. Young, Jason Penywell, Jeremy Hansen, Abraham Smith, Cristina Nable, Terry Joseph, Robert M, Jonathan Shine, Mary Kay Nolan, Jerry Crabtree, Roy Keith, Sawn Becerrada, Perry Noel.


Editor’s Note: This letter included 47 hand written signatures, some of which were illegible.

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