The next wave of digital advertising allows you as a business to vastly increase the efficiency of your ad budgets by targeting your message to potential customers based on their location, demographics, job title or other important factors. SMDP’s full stack digital agency can send those targeted messages to phones, apps, Smart TVs or other devices as individuals move throughout the internet.

Tactics include:
-Website Retargeting
-Keyword Level Targeting
-Geo Fencing -Competitor Conquesting/Events/Locations
-Demographic Targeting
-Addressable Geo-Fencing (up to the foot).

Why use us instead of going through google?

SMDP is a small agency that can provide big results with even better customer service. You have enough to worry about running your own business and we can handle every element of your online advertising. We’ll create ads that are big, small, and everywhere in between (usually 15-25 different sized ads). Our AI system will work its magic to always pivot to use different tactics that generate more interest in your business. And if you need some guidance along the way, one of our humans will happily explain how this works and walk you through the process. Yeah, try calling google!

To learn more and grow your business contact your local  programmatic experts for more information:
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