Love At First Sit was voted as the Santa Monica community’s Most Loved Pet Related Store/Service. With a belief that real animal advocacy begins in the home, they pay it forward through their commitment by not only providing qualified pet care and dog behavior and Training Services, but also through their charity program, the Love At First Sit Initiative. Through these efforts, they seek to promote advocacy by providing pet owners with resources and insight that facilitates pet wellness, enrichment, education, and responsible pet ownership. While simultaneously giving back to the community through their philanthropy and humanitarianism. All of this encourages and reinforces the protection and the bond between humans and their animals, furthering the prevention of animals from being relinquished to animal shelters. Ultimately, it is their dedication to the community that fuels their motivation to provide only the highest quality of pet services, and engage in charitable endeavors that help animals and the people that love them. Love At First Sit strives to continue to offer the community all of this and more.