After having read the guest commentary by retired firefighter, Joe McKay, in the Aug. 31 issue [of SMDP], I was moved to take action.  The relief that McKay experienced (from his painful “cluster headaches”) should not be denied to others.

I called and spoke to someone in the office of State Senator Ben Allen.  I was given an update on the psilocybin decriminalization bill, SB [Senate Bill] 58.  

The initial bill passed.  Now, it’s slated to be amended, and then it will most likely pass the Senate and State Assembly.

In other words, it’s en route to becoming law.  (Remember “Schoolhouse Rock”…?!)

This is important, because people don’t need to be incarcerated for using and possessing these substances.

Much more research (hello, funding?!) needs to be done on medical applications of these plant-based drugs.

So, SB 58 is just one step, albeit a positive one!

Hal Bogotch, Santa Monica