It’s been approximately 6 years since our son and his wife embarked on their journey to the US in pursuit of their careers. With each passing year, their dedication has paid off, both securing impressive job positions. Their adventure began in Los Angeles, yet the charm of Santa Monica quickly beckoned, leading to a shift in residence. The reason? Well, Santa Monica boasts a stunning beach just like our beloved Netherlands.

Starting off in a cozy apartment on 10th Street, it wasn’t long before they outgrew the space. So, they upgraded to an apartment on 7th Street, albeit at a higher rental cost, but significantly closer to the ocean. And now, as parents, we understand why. Our first grandchild, James Daan, was on his way. Santa Monica offers him the perfect environment to grow up in and eventually attend school. However, for us as (grand)parents, being 9000 km away across the ocean isn’t the most pleasant feeling.

Nonetheless, we’ve managed to visit twice, and I must say, the sense of community in Santa Monica is heartwarming. While we’re far away, we still manage to keep ourselves updated about the happenings in your town, which cultivates a sense of connection. We continue to follow your online updates and sincerely hope that the rain and storm brought by Hilary haven’t wreaked too much havoc.

Distance may separate us, but Santa Monica has carved a place in our hearts. The blend of ocean breeze, community spirit, and opportunities makes it feel almost like home, even from afar. We send our warm regards from the Netherlands, and even though we’re thousands of miles away, Santa Monica remains a cherished part of our lives.

Leon & Nita Koop, Eindhoven- The Netherlands.