Thank you for your editorial about the ongoing issue with retail theft:

For months now, we stopped visiting local (drug)stores because it’s become a time-wasting nonsense to try to buy items locally: basic products such as toothpaste or shampoo are now under lock and key; stores are understaffed, so you have to struggle to get staff’s attention; they’re overworked and are rarely able to respond in a timely manner; and they’re unpleasant, because they’re over-stressed. In addition, one doesn’t feel safe to visit stores that may be swarmed at any time, with the risks involved, knowing that there will be no law enforcement.

Bottom line: we now purchase all our drugstore items online. We purchase many other items online we used to buy locally too, as the community-serving stores are disappearing one after the other.

So much for City Hall’s “Buy Local” mantra.

California’s legal leniency towards theft and other crime such as daily assault is only undermining the safety and security of law-abiding citizens and taxpayers. It’s gone way too far, and the frustration is high. I dread the moment victims will start taking the matter in their own hands.

Marianne O’Donnell, Santa Monica