Before Venice local Reggie Wyatt took over the family business as a residential and commercial carpet cleaner, he was cleaning up the competition as one of track and fields fastest men in the United States.

Born in Torrance, California and raised in Riverside, California, Wyatt said he grew up helping his father, Reginald Wyatt Sr. – the founder of EasiClean – clean carpets when he was seven-years-old. A first round draft pick for the Kansas City Royals back in 1981, Wyatt’s father bought EasiClean after he retired from playing professional baseball.

“My father inspired me on and off the field because of his vision and leadership,” Wyatt said. “He knew how to build me up and inspired me to never doubt my potential.”

But before Wyatt took over EasiClean, he competed nationally and internationally as a professional track and field athlete. At the early age of nine, Wyatt said he believed track could “take him far in life” after he won the Junior Olympics in the 400 meter dash in Buffalo, New York. Through the support of his family and friends, Reggie continued to excel in the sport while attending La Sierra High-school where he not only broke the school record in the 300 meters but achieved the national record as well.

“At a young age I fell in love with track because running gave me an adrenaline rush unlike any other sport I had competed in,” said Wyatt.

Upon graduating high-school, Wyatt attended the University of Southern California (USC) where he graduated with a degree in Sociology as a 3x All American, Pac 12 Champion, and won a NCAA 400m hurdle title. After college, Reggie quickly became a rising star in the world of track and field where he signed a two-year Nike endorsement deal that allowed him to run professionally and travel to over 15 countries for Team USA.

“When the gun goes off it was you against the other runners and to me that was exhilarating,” Wyatt said.

Unfortunately, after a devastating leg injury in 2020, Wyatt was forced to retire from track. Not too soon after ending his career he began to contemplate his next career path and in 2021 he decided to follow in his fathers foot-step and take over the family business as the owner of EasiClean.

“The motivating factor for me was finding a career that I could make a difference in my community and creating a family legacy. It was a no brainer to build upon my father’s legacy,” Wyatt said.

Wyatt said that his initially fear and trepidation over the idea of filling his fathers “enormous shoes,” has made him work harder to exemplify his gratitude and prove his worthiness.

“The day my dad stepped down and gave me the keys to the business was a big milestone for me because he trusted and believed in me,” Wyatt said.

Calling his father “one of the hardest working men I’ve ever seen,” Wyatt said that when his father was off-season from playing with the Royals from ‘81 to ‘84 and with the Memphis Chicks baseball team in ‘84 he would run five miles everyday to keep a competitive edge over his competitors.

“He took that same approach and applied it in business which inspired me to want to be like my dad,” Wyatt shared. “When I took over the business, my father told me to never stop doing the things that got me to where I am today. It was the reminder to continue to persevere and never quit no matter how hard life gets. Those words have always stuck with me and gave me the vision of where I want to be.”

After only one year of doing business out of Venice, Wyatt’s business 5-star rating on google as well as his usage of plant-based biodegradable, eco-friendly products has led him to becoming one of the most popular carpet cleaning companies on the Westside for residencies and business like South Park, Goodskin, and London Alley.

“Many carpet companies do not use eco-friendly companies,” Reggie explained. “The products EasiClean uses are specifically safe for pets, children and individuals who are sensitive to chemicals.”

Open around the clock Wyatt said that whether it’s a 6 a.m or a late night 10 p.m. cleaning assignment, the most rewarding part of taking over the family business has been seeing the smiles on peoples faces after a job well-done.

Loyal customer from Marina Del Rey, Will, told the Current that he called Wyatt two days after he got a dog and was not only “extremely pleased” with the results but said that he is happy to now call Wyatt a friend.

“I’m glad I met him,” Will said. “He’s a definite must-have for dog owners, he cleaned my carpets and couches after my chihuahua made a mess of them. And not only did my place look new after he was done, but he was so professional and personable. I also love that it’s a family business.”

After living in Venice for five years, Wyatt said the warm reception his business has received from on the Westside from his friends and neighbors is now allowing him to expand his business to the South Bay, Long Beach, and the Valley.

“As a small business owner, the Westside community has welcomed us and given us so much positive feedback about our company that keeps inspiring us to reach higher,” Wyatt said.

Along with further expanding his business into Los Angeles Wyatt also plans to franchise his company in hopes of bringing his EasiClean methods and care to residents and businesses all over California.

“Knowing that we’re creating a healthy home or healthy business makes it so rewarding,” Wyatt said. “The skills that I applied as a professional athlete to entrepreneurship were hard work, discipline, and consistency. Those three skills have helped me become the success I was in Track and Field that transferred to the success that I am today.”

Magnolia Lafluer, Special to the Daily Press