Food at Coucou
Sandwiches at Coucou – Hotdog on the Right

A lot of small, ethnic restaurants are popping up around town. When I read about one nearby, in Venice, with French attributes, I decided to try it.

Bar Coucou is a small, crowded space with a nice bar that takes up most of the space. We had a couple very delicious drinks, I had the “Hippie in Paris,” which was gin and ginger, a bit spicy and a nice start to cleanse the palate. Then I walked around a looked at what people were eating. The oysters looked good, as did the Wagyu beef burger.

We started with the appetizer of Spanish ball baignets. I don’t know what made them Spanish, and they were nothing like French baignets, but they were delicious with a zucchini base and came with a good dip.

My friend had the hot dog, which was unique, and he liked it although with so much stuff on it, it was hard to eat. I had the mussels in a wonderful coconut sauce and found that worth going back for. We also had cauliflowers in a spicy sauce which was also unique and delicious.

There is an adequate wine list not overpriced, and corkage is $35, or half for half bottles. A bit steep for this level of restaurant.

So, all in all it was very good. The only criticism I could find was the lack of a transgender bathroom. So, few restaurants follow this law!

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Bar Coucou

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