Venice Beach resident, Laura Michele Rosenfeld is mourning the death of her Yorkshire Terrier, “Barty”, who passed away at her home on Friday

Venice Beach resident, Laura Michele Rosenfeld is mourning the death of her Yorkshire Terrier, “Barty”, who passed away at her home on Friday, July 7 at 4:30 a.m. The 15 year-old Yorkie died from complications following a brutal attack by a transient identified as Michael Langman.

The Current reached out to Rosenfeld who was understandably heartbroken at the loss of what she called her “partner in grime”- referring to the pooch’s playful pension for playing in the dirt. Rosenfeld was somewhat comforted that her beloved companion appeared to be calm and relaxed in the final twenty-four hours leading up to his passing.

“I still wake up and cry every day,” Rosenfeld said. “ I know his spirit has levitated but I also feel he comes to me. He was a hippie soul and every day I feel his presence. He was a real dainty, sweet and loving dog.”

Rosenfeld has been receiving loving tributes to Barty from friends, neighbors and members of the local artist community who share her loss.

A post on a GofundMe page created by Rosenfeld’s neighbor Laura Valdivia, stated the assault occurred on June 14, at 3:05 p.m. while Rosenfeld was out walking her dog on Venice Beach. The post described Langman as appearing to be “on drugs” before kicking the dog “so hard, he flew into the metal claw of the bobcat tractor city workers were using to repair the street.” Rosenfeld reportedly “screamed in horror” before bystanders including a former firewoman from Texas and her son, sprang into action.

Barty was rushed to the West Los Angeles VCA Animal Hospital and treated for numerous injuries including “brain trauma” and “intense muscular tension”, which left him unable to walk. Other injuries included blunt force trauma to one eye, which caused glaucoma, an ulcer and torticollis – a spasmodic injury that causes the head to tilt towards the feet.

Langman was initially detained by bystanders before being handed over to the authorities. The Current has learned that the 39-year-old male is a repeat offender with an extensive criminal record. Reports from witnesses on the scene of the June 14 attack allege Langman also struck a person over the head with a glass bottle during the ensuing scuffle.

According to sheriff’s inmate records, Langman is currently being held without bail at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Inmate Reception Center. He is expected to be arraigned by Judge William Sadler on July 17 at 8:00 a.m.

After widespread media coverage, the community support for Barty has been considerable – receiving 825 donations and surpassing its goal by $22,000 as of July 12.

“Everyone has been so kind and giving,” Rosenfeld said. “I’m so touched and grateful to everyone and Barty would be too, seeing all the love come in for him.”

Magnolia Lafleur

Special to the Daily Press