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NEIL YOUNG –   Remember how I went out on a limb last week and foamed at the keyboard about the opportunity to see Neil Young in concert? Look it up. My daughter, a very tough critic, went last week, and raved. That’s good enough for me, and you too, I hope. Mon 7 p.m., Greek Theatre, LA, $99-525.

THE HOT CLUB OF LOS ANGELES – from their website: “Hot Club’s brand of virtuoso, Django-style 1930s gypsy swing jazz is found nowhere else and even if it were, it couldn’t possibly be this good. These guys are masters, individually and collectively. You will find it hard to stop smiling all night. – Santa Monica Daily Press” And may I add, they manage to record and play high-profile gigs and still show up every Monday night here, for years. Aren’t we lucky? Mon 9 p.m., Cinema Bar, Culver City, no cover.

NEXT THURS – NEIL YOUNG –   See above. Next Thurs  7 p.m., Greek Theatre, LA, $99-708.


TONIGHT! – LYLE LOVETT – Hard to remember that Texas troubadour Lovett has been around 37 years. Through 14 albums and four Grammys, being named Texas State Musician, receiving the very first Trailblazer Award from the Americana Music Association, we sometimes forget that he is more than just a Texas Guy. He’s much bigger than Texas. Through his Large Band, and smaller ones, acoustic and electric, duos and solo efforts, he has pushed horizons and expanded the entire landscape of American music. Singer, composer and actor, he is a gentle and engaging storyteller. How many performers or bands boast they play “country, jazz, blues, folk, swing and gospel,” and you wonder if they have any idea what they’re talking about. But if you listen carefully to Lovett, you will hear  all that. He respects great American music, and spreads the word most tunefully, and I like that. Thurs 8 p.m., Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, $68-148.

TONIGHT! – DUDAMEL Conducts FALLA, RAVEL – What a fun night. Falla’s “Nights in the Gardens of Spain,” Dukas’ “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (I challenge you to not think of Mickey Mouse once), and Ravel’s “Mother Goose Suite,” under the warm skies of summer with Gustavo Dudamel leading the mighty LA Phil. Enjoy it while you can. Thurs 8 p.m., Hollywood Bowl, $6 (are you kidding me?)-134. 

JAKE SHIMABUKURO – If you’ve seen him before (I have, three times) you will be wonderfully entertained, because he can play the stuffings out of that little four-string uke. Classical? Blues and bluegrass. Jazz and Jimi. Delicate or blazing fast. If this is your first time, you might have your mind blown. Sat 7 p.m., Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, $39-79.

“THE PRINCESS BRIDE” – Here’s your chance to show off that you know every line in this fun film. You won’t be the only one. Outdoors on a gorgeous summer night with your kids, or lots of other people’s kids, all having fun. Sat after dark, Reed Park, Santa Monica, free.

“QUEEN MARGARET’S VERSION OF SHAKESPEARE’S WAR OF THE ROSES” – “What compels those who rule to make war, not love? The pendulum swings, and a petty universe of leaders works alone, ignoring the needs of those they supposedly govern.  Human values erode as governments vying for power overtake the mere living of life.” – does that sound centuries old, or like a City Council meeting but with much better dialogue? Theatricum’s production encompassing Henry VI Part I, II, III, and Richard III, centers on Queen Margaret and the women and children of Shakespeare’s civil war saga. Sat 7:30 p.m., Theatricum Botanicum, Topanga Canyon, $15-60.

“A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM” – TB specializes in Shakespeare, and they do “Midsummer” every single season, 50 years now. If it ain’t broke, and the people love it, don’t axe it, but they do tinker with it a little every summer, and that means if you saw them perform it last year, or 10 years ago, you will see something a bit different, but still Will’s welcome warhorse. Who doesn’t love it? Puck, yes! Sun  3:30 p.m., Theatricum Botanicum, Topanga Canyon, $15-60.

“MACBETH”’ – In this bloody, depraved corner, M’Lord and M’Lady, reigning still as the unchallenged monstrous couple of political pushiness, gruesome greed, absolute ambition  and murderous mayhem. Some things never change. No wonder this one by Will (Shakespeare, not Geer) remains perhaps his best-known work (but hardly beloved). Sun 7:30 p.m., Theatricum Botanicum, Topanga Canyon, $15-60.

HAPPY TOGETHER TOUR with TURTLES, Little Anthony, others – I’ve so far always resisted when this summer tour comes around, because besides curiosity about Little Anthony (they say his amazing voice hasn’t changed a bit since his many ‘60s hits – sales of 50M), no one on the bill much interested me except, of course, Mark and Howard, Flo and Eddie, The Turtles. Those guys are a barrel of music, and laughs. They’ll be hosting the whole show so that’s a big plus. Did you know they went down to Jamaica years ago and made a really good reggae album? This might be the summer I give in. Sun 8 p.m., Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, $58-98.

LIQUID KITTY’S PUNK ROCK BBQ – Five bands, free hot dogs, cheap booze. It’s a Harvelle’s tradition. Sun 12 noon, Harvelle’s, Santa Monica, free.

TOLEDO DIAMOND – Unique, riveting, first class act. There’s nothing like it, it is high performance art and great fun. Degeneracy is rarely so well disciplined. Could be the most memorable 12 bucks you ever spent. Sun 9:30 p.m., Harvelle’s, $12.  

DUDAMEL Conducts VERDI’S REQUIEM – See below. Mon 5 p.m., Hollywood Bowl, (Invitational Donors Only Rehearsal)

DUDAMEL Conducts VERDI’S REQUIEM – I love Requiems, and Masses, not for morbid or religious reasons, but they seem to be among great composers’ greatest works. And are usually staged on a massive scale. Dudamel hasn’t conducted this for a decade, and he will have four outstanding vocalists and the LA Master Chorale. 90 minutes, no intermission. You don’t want to miss this. It will sound like the end of the world, and who knows… Tues 8 p.m Hollywood Bowl.

Next Thurs – ELLINGTON, GERSHWIN with DUDAMEL – Ellington, and “An American in Paris”? Can’t wait. Next Thurs 8 p.m.,  Hollywood Bowl, $6-129.

Next Thurs – RICK SHEA – Rick’s been landing in Santa Monica-adjacent more frequently lately, and aren’t we lucky. One of my favorite SoCal country folk Americana crooners, and he plays a good gee-tar too. next Thurs 9 p.m., Cinema Bar, Culver City, free,

COMING ATTRACTIONS: JASON ISBELL AND THE 400 UNIT, Greek Theatre, 7/14; KOOL & THE GANG, VILLAGE PEOPLE, Hollywood Bowl, 7/14, 15; “QUEEN MARGARET’S VERSION OF SHAKESPEARE’S WAR OF THE ROSES,” Theatricum Botanicum, 7/16, 23, 30; TOLEDO DIAMOND, Harvelle’s, 7/16, 23, 30; “MACBETH,” Theatricum Botanicum, 7/16, 21, 30; HAIM, Bellwether, 7/17, 18; HOT CLUB OF LOS ANGELES, Cinema Bar, 7/17, 24, 31; LA SANTA CECILIA, Levitt Pavillion, 7/22; “A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM,” Theatricum Botanicum, 7/23, 28;  DIANA KRALL, Hollywood Bowl, 7/19; CELSO SALIM & DARRYL CARRIERE, Harvelle’s, 7/20; REGGAE NIGHT XXI with BERES HAMMOND, STEEL PULSE, Hollywood Bowl, 7/23; GERSHWIN, DVORAK, LA PHIL, Hollywood Bowl, 7/25; STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES, Troubadour, 7/30; DAKHABRAKHA, Ford Theater, 8/4; LUCINDA WILLIAMS, Ford Theatre, 8/10; ROY ZIMMERMAN, McCabe’s, 8/11.Charles Andrews has listened to a lot of music of all kinds, including more than 3,000 live shows. He has lived in Santa Monica for 37 years and wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world. Really. Send love and/or rebuke to him at (the real mr music…)