When Benji Pall first dreamed about opening a store, he was selling vintage items out of his Jeep on Melrose Avenue. He hustled and worked to make whatever sales he could, displaying clothes on the gates of closed businesses wherever he could.
Fast forward several years and Pall moved to Santa Monica where he set a goal of opening a retail operation on Main Street. After finding some continued success at his upstart operation, he decided to take the risk.

“All the drawings I had been drawing of my dream store, and ideas being written down weren’t for nothing. It was go time. We opened our first brick and mortar store on Main Street in 2022 and it has been one of the most beautiful and learning experiences of my life,” he said.

Pall said he’s incredibly proud of the curation of unisex vintage pieces in his store that ranges from Levi’s to highly sought after concert tees to your favorite sports team apparel.
“Another aspect I am incredibly proud of that we are evolving more and more is offering made in USA goods from smaller markets,” he said. “We make all our leather goods in our Santa Monica store, so bringing in more small makers and giving them the opportunity to show off their creations is very fulfilling.”
Pall said the store specifically supports smaller brands and handmade goods in opposition to the current trends of fast fashion and mass production. “We truly believe a well crafted and handmade garment or item will last way longer than anything made today in the fast fashion industry,” he said. The time it takes to learn the skill and master it creating high quality goods shouldn’t be overlooked anymore.” He also works to educate customers on the term “vintage.” “We believe there is a massive difference between a thrift store and a curated vintage shop, so much so that we even have a sign in the front showing the differences,” he said. Another way Pall tries to educate his customers is for goods made in the USA and handmade goods. “We are very grateful and blessed to have such an amazing local community, ” Pall said. We rarely run advertisements and really rely on word of mouth. Being a store that is so unique in Santa Monica is really important to us.”