Oceans are an iconic aspect of California’s geography. Many out-of-state visitors and locals visit the state’s beautiful and beloved beaches to relax, be with their families, and admire the coastline. Given the fact that beaches are such an admired characteristic of California, it is surprising to see how they are continuously abused through intense pollution that is destroying their natural beauty. Through excessive oil drilling as well as dumping of trash in the ocean, the marine ecosystem is in jeopardy. We must take action to resolve this issue fast before more of the ocean is soiled by more human negligence. As a result, I am calling on Governor Gavin Newsom to increase the amount of Marine Protected Areas to 30% in order to ensure that oceans are preserved. Hopefully in doing so, California will be a pioneer for other states to protect their marine landscapes. This method is one of the only ways to make sure that oceans are maintained for future generations to enjoy just as much as we are able to enjoy them now.

Jessica Gonzalez, Los Angeles