The Cayton Children’s Museum offers hands-on play exhibits and cultural programs for children and families. Their eagerly awaited move to Santa Monica came with the backing of philanthropists Andrea and Barry Cayton and more than doubled their previous size allowing them to incorporate new play elements, including a full-size helicopter and fire truck. In addition to the installations, Cayton offers a full calendar of classes and performances of visual, musical, and performing art, as well as cultural activities. The museum also hosts special days for children with different abilities and needs. “We activate the power of play to enrich the lives of children and their families, to build stronger and more connected communities, and to create a better world,” Annie Sinzinger, senior director of marketing for the museum, said. “We provide the place and opportunities for people of all ages to benefit from the inspiration, creativity, learning, connection and freedom fostered by play,” she said. “We provide a safe space where all kids and families belong. We are inclusive and embrace the rich diversity of cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, identities, family structures, and abilities of our community.

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