Santa Monica’s Caffe Luxxe is where it all began in 2006 for the now thriving
coffee company.
The business started in Santa Monica, and specifically Montana Avenue, because the atmosphere of the city was exactly what its founders were looking for: a cultural community where the common passerby would recognize and appreciate what they were doing. Their initial goal was to create an Italian-influenced coffee shop that would aesthetically recreate the experience of being in a café in Europe. If all went as planned, it would turn into a local coffee shop like the European cafes they visited where customers and baristas could create relationships and the shop would be a place of community gathering. The entire operation focuses on creating a place for their local friends and family to enjoy each other’s company and to become closer as a Santa Monica community and as human beings interacting with each other in person. “It means the world to us knowing that our community is filled with friends and family that all support one another and share the love,” cofounder Gary Chau said.

“We are nothing without our amazing people and our customers. We support our Santa Monica community through the children and providing as much support for them through charity activities to all of the local schools that ask us for help. ” Chau said. “We believe that the future of our great city is with our children. If we provide them with the right formative tools, then they will grow up to become healthy adults that experience opportunities and livelihood within our neighborhood, so then they stay in the community and the city grows and thrives with the circle of life.” In addition to a full espresso bar, drip coffee, pour over brewed by the cup, and hot and iced coffee, Caffe Luxxe offers fresh baked organic pastries every day, breakfast sandwiches and morning snacks, as well as small sweet bites for the afternoon. There are also culinary retail treats, as well as fancy stationery when you’re all dressed up with places to go and want to shower others with gifts. After more than 17 years in business at the same location on Montana Avenue, they have truly found the home they always wanted. “It’s a place that is close to our hearts and for many years to come, thanks to the support of our Santa Monica neighbors and city,” Chau said.