There are many reasons to visit Santa Monica: the breathtaking, beautiful blue ocean, the seemingly endless sandy beaches that stretch to the horizon in each direction, the Pier, the Promenade… and Bob’s Market. This familyowned supermarket specializes in gourmet meat, seafood, wine and cheese and has been a staple of daily Santa Monica life since 1965. The full service delicatessen offers a wide variety of hearty, made-to-order sandwiches, wraps and subs, plus delicious hot dishes, salads and meals-to-go.
“Our focus has always been to serve the needs of our neighborhood with a personalized service,”store manager Juana Meyer said. However, it’s the handmade artisan sausages that are the real draw. At least 10 fresh batches are made every morning, with varieties ranging from sweet Italian, andouille and chorizo to concoctions unique to the store, like pecorino and pork sausage with fresh herbs. All sausages are made by hand using only a meat grinder and a hand-cranked sausage stuffer. Moreover, custom-made creations are also available for customers who provide a recipe to follow and are prepared to purchase at least five pounds worth. Bob’s Market’s specialty sausages can only be purchased in person at the store.

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