Evan Meyer welcomes the Interim Dean of Public Policy at Brandeis University, Maria Madison on this episode of Meyerside Chats.

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Recorded April 26, 2023

Evan Meyer welcomes the Interim Dean of Public Policy at Brandeis University, Maria Madison, on this episode of Meyerside Chats. 

Meyerside Chats seeks to eliminate the “us and them” narrative and toxic polarization by striving to create virtuous community leadership and authentic conversation.  The intent is to showcase the humanity in those that take on the often thankless jobs of public service through civil discourse, and honoring differing points of view.

About Maria Madison


Maria Madison is the Interim Dean of Public Policy at Brandeis University.

A trained global public health researcher, Madison holds a Doctorate in population and international health from Harvard. She joined Brandeis with over two decades of international experience, designing, implementing and managing various projects and studies including clinical drug trials and registries, where she oversaw large, complex, multinational teams, with an abundance of her work in Africa. 

She is also president and founder of The Robbins House, a historic building and nonprofit organization focused on preserving Concord, Massachusetts’ Black history. She is also a trustee of Tufts University, from which she holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and is an associate editor of the journal Health Equity. 

About Evan Meyer

Evan is the Founder of BeautifyEarth.com, a tech platform and marketplace that speed tracks the urban beautification process through art, as well as the original 501(c)3 sister organization and public charity that beautifies schools in the communities that need it most. Beautify has now facilitated thousands of murals around the planet, working with hundreds of communities, community organizations, cities and national brands.

He is also the Founder of RideAmigos.com, a tech platform that optimizes commuter travel and behavior through intelligent programs and analytics for governments, large enterprises, and universities, serving many regions across the US.

As a civic leader in the City of Santa Monica, he is the past Chairman of his neighborhood (Ocean Park), giving residents a voice in the public process, as well as helping the City of Santa Monica with innovative, actionable ways of civic engagement.

Podcast Summary

The innate human propensity for hierarchy and “us and them.” | 6:00

Paying for the sins of our grandparents | 8:00

Challenging your echo Chambers with opposing views | 10:00

Quality of life in America and it’s barriers | 14:00

Exercise & nutrition information during COVID vis a vis social drivers | 17:00

Obesity in America and how to start fixing it | 22:00

The balance of responsibility | 24:00

The responsibility of universities | 26:00

Adaptive capacity | 32:00

Private interest vs social responsibility | 35:00

Venture capitalism & social businesses | 39:00

Replacement theory | 42:00 Greater exposure means greater respect | 44:00

How to deal with information and/or people you disagree with & recast theory | 45:00

How to accept new information that conflicts with your previous knowledge | 49:00

Everyone has a migration story | 55:00