On April 15 at approximately 4 a.m.

53-year-old Jason Steinfled was arrested for burglary. Officers responded to the 1400 block of Ashland Ave for a “Prowler Now” call. The homeowner contacted the Santa Monica Emergency Dispatch Center and reported they heard noises downstairs and discovered someone standing on their front porch and the front entry door to their home wide open. The suspect was on the porch in possession of paperwork and a handbag that had previously been left on the couch inside the home. The homeowner was able to lock the front door before Steinfled could make entry in the home again. Officers located multiple unlocked rear doors to the home. Steinfled was booked for burglary and also possession of methamphetamines. Steinfled was also found to have a “no bail” warrant and remains in police custody.