On April 15 at approximately 10:35 PM

SMPD officers were dispatched to the scene of a hit & run investigation near Main and Olympic. While in route, officers were advised that the victim was following the suspect near 5th and California. Officers located the victim who explained they were sitting at the light on 4th near Olympic when they were rear-ended. Upon exiting the vehicle to speak with the suspect, they noticed a strong smell of alcohol emitting from the vehicle and the driver denied hitting their car before fleeing the scene. Officers also located the suspect who was seated inside their vehicle upon contact. Officers also noted a strong smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The driver exhibited an unsteady gait, bloodshot eyes and failed multiple field sobriety tests. Ultimately the driver also consented to a preliminary breathalyzer with the results indicating the driver was intoxicated. The driver was arrested and during the search of their person was found to be in possession of opiates. The driver was charged with drugs, fleeing the scene of an accident and for driving under the influence.