The Fartleks, a group of Track & Field athletes at Samohi, have been raising money for local nonprofit The Painted Turtle through sponsored races including the UCLA Bruins 5K and the Big 5K at the Los Angeles Marathon. Fartlek, otherwise known as the Swedish method, is a middle- and long-distance runner’s training approach in which terrain and pace are varied to eliminate boredom and enhance the psychological aspects of conditioning. This group of friends chose the nickname, “The Fartleks,” because of their ability to boost each other’s spirit while running together and share their passion for giving back to The Painted Turtle with each step take. According to the charity, there are more than one million children in California with chronic and life-threatening illnesses many of which are unable to attend a traditional summer camp due to their medical conditions. The Painted Turtle has provided more than 138,000 camp experiences to children and their families — absolutely free of charge — since 2004. The team includes Hadley Mathews, Carla Santini, Ava Roker, Sylvia Minzenberg, Josie Kramarsky & Josephine Gelinas and Molly Lister. Visit for more information.