On February 26

SMPD officers were flagged down near the 1600 Block of Main Street regarding the theft of an e-scooter. The victim relayed to the officers on scene that he rented multiple scooters for his family in Venice. Shortly thereafter the family rode to the Santa Monica Pier where they left the scooters unattended. While they did not lock the scooters, they maintained possession of the keys. A bystander alerted the family that two of the scooters had been stolen. While one member of the family was able to retrieve one of the two scooters from the suspect, he was able to get away with the last outstanding scooter. Officers located the suspect, 46 year old Mario Rojas, near Rand with a scooter matching the description of the one that had been stolen. He was arrested by SMPD officers, charged with receiving stolen equipment and violating a valid stay-away order for the Pier. Rojas remains in police custody pending a March 6th court appearance.