Evan Meyer welcomes Former Texas State Representative, Kyle Biedermann (R-TX)

 on this episode of Meyerside Chats.

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Recorded January 19, 2023

Evan Meyer welcomes Former Texas State Representative, Kyle Biedermann (R-TX) on this episode of Meyerside Chats. 

Meyerside Chats seeks to eliminate the “us and them” narrative and toxic polarization by striving to create virtuous community leadership and authentic conversation.  The intent is to showcase the humanity in those that take on the often thankless jobs of public service through civil discourse, and honoring differing points of view.

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Kyle’s background and how, and why he got into politics. | 1:00

The separation of church and state, how it started, how it’s interpreted and what it means today | 5:00

Religion vs politics role in individual values | 9:00

Who are actually the people writing policy and with what standards | 12:00

How to begin getting people to see their shared values and alignment | 15:00

How Damar Hamlin brought the country together | 16:00

Christianity in California | 19:00

Due to media, we don’t hear the things that are actually happening in government unless we “seek them out” | 19:00

Can we separate how we speak of God, from a unifying fundamental set of values? | 26:00

Incorrect categorization of extreme politicians for the majority | 30:00

The difference of rights versus policy for minority interest groups | 33:00

The biggest problem in politics | 35:00

Understanding what the major issues are in politics vs using it in practice & how we create our beliefs | 37:00

How Kevin McCarthy won the speaker seat | 39:00

How to be effective in the legislature | 40:30

Money, its influence on politicians, & how they lead | 44:00

Most people don’t understand local politics, the realm they can actually effect change | 48:00

How selling out in local politics can push you into “the club” and further away from the people | 50:00

The “incumbent protection plan” | 52:00

In order to be part of “the club” you need to raise money for the club | 53:00

Ego and how the desire for authorship in policy & programs can sway the voting decision | 57:00

The power & pressure as a politician. “What would YOU do?” | 1:00

Starting debates with the things we agree on | 1:03:00

Kyle’s current dilemma & how the top people coming together lets the communities come together | 1:04:00