A santa Monica police officer is suing the city and a fellow officer over a 2020 car crash.

The case stems from a 2020 accident at the intersection of Pico and 11th Street.

According to the lawsuit, both officers were driving their department issued SUV’s toward an emergency call with lights and sirens activated. Officer Cain Mora had the green light at the time of the crash and had entered the intersection at about 35 mph. The suit alleges Officer Jason Ziegler improperly ran the red light at about 56 mph and hit Mora’s vehicle.

Both men were transported to the hospital and at the time, neither could recall what had happened.

However, SMPD requested a CHP investigation into the crash and CHP determined Ziegler did not properly clear the intersection and failed to drive with due regard for the safety of cross traffic causing the crash.

Mora is alleging that the city failed to train its officers sufficiently on how to properly clear an intersection and that officers were allowed to operate vehicles carelessly.

Mora is asking for general damages in excess of $50,000 and economic damages of the same amount.


Matthew Hall

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