With the New Year upon us, SMDP asked community leaders about their resolutions for 2023.

SMMUSD Interim Superintendent Dr. Mark Kelly

As we begin 2023 I would like to express my appreciation to our dedicated certificated and classified staff focused on student achievement and success, social emotional wellness, and creating safe school environments. My resolution for 2023 is to continue our focus on opportunity and access for all SMMUSD students through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens, while continuing our successful collaboration with parents and community partners. I wish everyone in Santa Monica and Malibu, and all your loved ones, a joyful and happy new year.

Zina Josephs, President, Friends of Sunset Park

My hopes for 2023: Peace in Ukraine and elsewhere; preserving democracy in our country; controlling COVID; reducing gun violence; effectively addressing mental illness, drug addiction, and homelessness; and making real progress in averting climate change so my granddaughter, and all children, can grow up and thrive on our planet.

Tara Barauskas, LEED AP Executive Director Community Corporation of Santa Monica

My resolution for 2023 is to evolve by learning from my daily experiences and work in the community. In addition, to build restoration and self-care into my routine so that I can stay healthy and resilient – there is so much I want to do, give, and experience. And of course, build lots of affordable housing!

CRJ steering committee via Joanne Berlin

It is our duty to fight for freedom. But, it is America’s duty to right the wrongs of the past. It is necessary for all Santa Monicans to foster the Kwanzaa principle of “Ujima” – collective work and responsibility in order to achieve the goals of the Black Apology.

Assistant City Manager Susan Cline

In support of serving our community, I resolve to be a resource, champion and advocate for our City teams and to be a more active volunteer in our community. Personally, I am still making up for lost time with family and friends that I resolve to spend more quality time with in 2023.

Mayor Gleam Davis

As Mayor, I have two New Year’s resolutions. First, I want to keep the Council, staff, and our constituents focused on the issues that are most important to the City-addressing homelessness, increasing the feeling of safety in our City, and fostering economic development. As the same time, we have to make sure that, in everything we do, we factor in the existential threat of climate change and the social imperative to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. My second resolution is to do my best to model constructive civil behavior by showing respect for everyone in our community and giving them the opportunity to express their opinions.

Community Advocate/Activist Robbie Jones

This new year, I will continue to use Faith as my compass, lifeboat, and driver of my success. My love for family and community inspires all that I do to create generational change. I look forward to working with comrades and allies to achieve the goals of the Black Apology.

Former Mayor Ted Winterer

I turned 65 years old in 2022 and, like many others of my age, I have become increasingly aware of how few years I have left. So I resolve to focus on mindfulness, to fully savor time with family and friends, to enjoy moments of calm on our beach…to not let life rush by in a blur of quotidian activities.

Jan Williamson, 18th Street Arts Center

I’m grateful for all the many artists in my life who show me how to live life more fully. This year I resolve to dance more! And I’m especially grateful to my teachers, Vida Vierra and Dani Lunn, two local Santa Monica artists who have taught me, and countless others, how to move with joy and listen deeply with my whole body. I love the way that they welcome all who come into their classes, and create a space for us to commune with music, each other, and the muse.


Matthew Hall

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