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Scouts: Boy Scout Troop 223 of Pacific Palisades recently held a Good Turn Trip to the USS Iowa. 

The USS Iowa is the last of the “Iowa” class. It was commissioned during War World II and it weighs about 48,000 tons (empty).

We first arrived on the Harbor as we group with Ms. Schmidt (Sue Schmidt) who helped us with the volunteering process. We were able to go on this huge vessel. A part of maintaining an approximately 48,000 ton ship is keeping it secured to the harbor. We were working on whatever the tasks were given. Our main task that day was to help in hoisting the lines. The patrol did a great job being employed in the arduous task of pulling a heavy rope and thick rope. With a series of ‘’heaves’ ‘ we pulled the line in a sort of Tug-of War and the rope was hammered into the cylinder after being pulled to its tightest with the patrol pulling very strongly. The crew complimented us our efficient work. We enjoyed doing this task!

After, lunch was held at their “iconic” Vickey’s Hotdogs. At this lunch, Ms. Schmidt brought in a surprise cake for one of the birthdays (November 19th). This was a cheerful, and generous act no one was expecting (except her whispering a bit about it to me 20 minutes prior.) This was right in the Thanksgiving season. She said she would like to have done something nice for the volunteer as he came to help as well. This was a great representation of the ship’s crew who love being apart of the USS Iowa.

After, we went on a tour around Iowa with the guide of arrows taking us to here then there through the ships many compartments and with the crew answering all of our questions which we asked. One was about the capabilities of its many blasters. We learned that the ship can launch a projectile the weight of a Volkswagen Beetle and it would reach Catalina (which is about 20 miles away from the harbor) in approximately 1 minute!

We are glad we had the opportunity to serve the Iowa with its devoted crew.

Also, if anyone would like to join scouting in grades 5-7, please contact Greg Frost at 310-454-2593.

Submitted by Boy Scout Kholin Young