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Hanukkah: Chabad in S. Monica (Chabad on 17th), kicked off the Hanukkah holiday celebration with a large group of community members, visitors, and tourists, on the west end of the Pier.

Stressing the importance of spreading light, and the effect that even one small candle can do, Rabbi Isaac Levitansky, spiritual leader of Chabad in S. Monica, lit the first candle.

Rabbi Levitansky also stressed to the crowd the importance of this year in the Jewish calendar, known as “Hakhel – The year of gathering and unity.”

Participants were also treated to latkes, donuts, chocolate Gelt, Dreidels, as well as Menorahs and candles for those who needed.

Chabad will cap off the holiday with a grand Menorah lighting and concert on Third Street Promenade on the last candle of Hanukkah, December 25, 4 p.m., in South court.

For more information about other Hanukkah activities, please visit, or call 310-453-3011.