DTSM: The organization is responsible for the Promenade and nearby streets. Courtesy photo

At its November 17 meeting, the 13-member Board of Directors for Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM) charged with the stewardship of the 30-block property-based assessment district identified and approved six priorities to align their focus in the coming year. 

“For the past three decades, the downtown area has served a vital role as a public space and major economic engine for Santa Monica’s community. With the pandemic, the past several years have taken a visible toll on our downtown, and our board is focused on laying a strong, united foundation for the future, starting with the basics,” said DTSM Board Chair Eric Sedman. “As a governing body, we are unanimous in our vision for a thriving downtown. We have a great deal of work ahead, and we hope that the community will rally around us and lend support as we roll up our sleeves to provide enhanced services and ensure our downtown and promenade are clean, safe, and welcoming to all.”

The focus areas include:

Create a DTSM, Inc. Services Ad Hoc Committee to evaluate the DTSM, Inc. Services Agreement with the City and make recommendations to the Board of Directors to negotiate revisions that identify urgent/timely needs and/or improve the efficacy of service delivery.

Impact public safety in Downtown Santa Monica through advocacy and practical measures.

Reactivate public spaces throughout Downtown with events, activations, and improved processes for businesses to open and operate in Downtown.

Improve the experience in Downtown public parking structures by evaluating and making recommendations to the City in the areas of management, maintenance, custodial, and revenue management.

Address issues relating to infrastructure and operational management of the Downtown area.

Work to build support from Downtown Stakeholders through communications, outreach, and coalition-building.

“Our DTSM staff works daily with City staff to make Downtown a great place to live, work, and visit. We are deeply appreciative to our volunteer board for the time, energy, and care put into thoughtfully compiling these priorities which will help to guide our focus over the next year,” stated DTSM CEO Andrew Thomas. “In partnership with the City, DTSM is eager to tackle our greatest challenges and committed to making progress towards measurable outcomes that nurture a new era for downtown. While this list is not the totality of our work, it elevates our focus to create a future that is warm and welcoming for resident and business stakeholders alike.” 

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. is a private 501c(3) non-profit organization that works with the City of Santa Monica to manage services and operations in Downtown Santa Monica while promoting economic stability, growth, and community life within this unique neighborhood.

DTSM manages the Property-based Business Assessment District bounded by Ocean Avenue to the west, Wilshire Boulevard to the north, Lincoln Boulevard to the east, and the Santa Monica Freeway to the south.

Submitted by DTSM