A mountain lion tracked by biologists in mountains near Los Angeles gave birth over the summer to four healthy kittens, officials said this week.

The National Park Service said Tuesday that the cougar dubbed P-99 delivered the litter last July in the western Santa Monica Mountains.

The kittens, all females, have been named P-109, P-110, P-111, and P-112.

Biologists were able to examine and tag the baby lions in late August while their mother was away from the den, the park service said in a statement.

In addition, two female adult mountain lions — P-105 and P-106 — have been added to the 20-year research study. Scientists are tracking how the big cats live in habitat fragmented by the LA area’s urban sprawl.

Los Angeles officials are considering creating a regional wildlife district aimed at protecting mountain lions and other animals including bobcats, coyotes and deer. The LA Planning Commission will take up the proposal this week.