Jamie Paige

Special to the Daily Press

The Los Angeles City Council will vote on a motion submitted by councilmember Mike Bonin to remove a public bidding process for selling land to a nonprofit organization for affordable housing.

The motion–set to be voted on Wednesday– cites an Administrative Code that allows the private sale of city-owned Property, avoiding what is otherwise required as a public process.

The Property, located adjacent to Venice High School at 12901 Venice Blvd., is being used by the nonprofit organization Disability Community Rights Center (DCRC).

According to their website, DCRC helps people with disabilities maintain self-sufficient and productive lives through non-residential peer support services and training programs. The organization has centers in numerous communities, including Brentwood, Playa del Rey and Westchester.

DCRC currently uses the Property for its headquarters and service center. Their office building is co-owned by the City of Los Angeles. This arrangement is known as a Tenancy in Common.

In 2019, the council voted to designate the City-owned portion of the lot as an Affordable Housing Opportunity. The vote made way for DCRC to move forward with its plans to demolish its current office building and use the space to develop affordable housing for people who were formerly experiencing homelessness and expand its office space and service center.

The motion to be voted on Wednesday asks that the Property be sold to DCRC without notice of sale or advertisement for bids at a below-market sales price.

The Property is a 13,000-square-foot lot located in a highly desirable area for development, which means it could sell at a competitive price.

The first motion to consider the sale was presented by Bonin to the Technology, and General Services Committee on November 2. It was approved on December 1 and is now set to be voted on by the full council on December 7.