The Santa Monica Education Foundation is ending 2022 with an exciting $25,000 match from new corporate partner Veo, a company new to Santa

Monica that promotes micro-mobility as a true transportation system to reduce automotive use.

Starting on December 1 and running through the entire month of December, Veo will match all donations to the Ed Foundation, dollar for dollar up to $25,000.

“What a wonderful way to end this calendar year,” said John Baracy, President of the Ed Foundation’s Board of Directors. “We are truly honored to have Veo’s support and partner with a new business in Santa Monica. With this match, Veo shows their commitment to excellence in public education. We are grateful for their philanthropic leadership and inspiring dedication to our Santa Monica students.”

Like all contributions to the Ed Foundation, donations made during the match will fund additional personnel, programs and professional development opportunities at Santa Monica public schools. Funding supports arts education, instructional assistants, STEM, student wellness programs and more.

“Veo is honored to partner with the Santa Monica Education Foundation to support a vibrant educational experience for all students in our community,” said Candice Xie, Veo co-founder and CEO. “Veo is proud to call Santa Monica home, and we hope others will join us in investing in student success and Santa Monica’s future through the Foundation’s match program.”

“School budgets alone do not provide the excellent education Santa Monica students deserve,” said Mikko D. Sperber, Executive Director of the Ed Foundation. “We need everyone’s help to raise as much as possible during December so that students can benefit from innovative programs that just aren’t covered otherwise. We are so grateful to Veo for this incredible contribution, and we hope their match inspires others to donate.”

For more information or to make a donation to support Santa Monica students, go to

Submitted by Rachel Faulkner, Chief Operating Officer