As part of the City of Malibu’s effort to protect the community from wildfire and help residents prepare for wildfires, the City secured additional funds from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy to continue the 2021 Hazard Tree Removal Program. The City was awarded an additional $350,000 to continue the program. The original grant from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy provided $324,000 for this program and was fully expended in May of 2022.

“The fire hazard tree removal program is a great example of the concrete steps that the City is taking to improve wildfire safety across the community in Malibu,” said Mayor Paul Grisanti. “Removing dead trees addresses fire hazards and the risks of trees falling and limiting access, and can make your home more resistant to wildfires.”

The goal of the program is to remove dead trees that represent a threat to life safety, property, infrastructure, access and egress for community members and emergency responders. Dead trees add fuel load to any future wildfire. By removing dead trees, the program supports the goal of creating defensible space around homes and reducing vegetation to make homes more likely to survive a wildfire and to be in compliance with the Los Angeles County Fire Code.

Residents who were still on the waiting list when the grant funds were exhausted last May will be given priority during this second phase of the program. The program will open for new registrations in the coming months, with information posted at and on social media. Once a resident is signed up, the property will be visited by a City Fire Safety Liaison and a licensed arborist from the contracted tree company to ensure that the property meets the grant criteria.

For more information, call Fire Safety Liaison Gabe Etcheverry at 424-422-8802 or email

Matt Myerhoff, Media Information Officer

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