A woman has been awarded $4 million in damages after being struck in a crosswalk at Montana and 15th in 2018. 

Brittany Friedstein was walking northbound in the crosswalk at about 7 p.m. on March 12, 2018 when she claims Lisa Stilson struck her while driving a 2016 Fiat while traveling at about 25 mph. As a result of the accident, Friedstein’s attorneys said she was thrown 30 feet forward and suffered severe, permanent injuries that impair her ability to work and lead a normal life. 

Friedstein sued for medical costs, economic damages, non-economic damages, interest and prejudgment interest. 

This month a jury awarded Friedstein a total of $4,005,551 million including $2,305,551 for medical expenses, $200,000 for past noneconomic losses (including physical pain, mental suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, physical impairment, inconvenience, grief, anxiety, humiliation and emotional distress) and $1,500,000 for future noneconomic losses. 

The jury split responsibility for the accident saying Friedstein bore responsibility for 25% while assigning the remaining 75% to Stilson.

Friedstein’s attorney, Khail A. Parris of the Parris Law Firm, said the defense had argued the plaintiff chose to walk in front of the car in an attempt to take her own life to dispute liability. 

“We’re talking about a car traveling on a city street in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood – the likelihood of someone jumping in front of a Fiat going less than 35 miles per hour to take their own life is slim to none,” said Parris. 

Stilson has filed an appeal objecting to part of the settlement, specifically the awarding of interest payments saying they have been calculated incorrectly.