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Aviation: Local Boy Scouts from Pacific Palisades recently worked to obtain their Aviation Merit Badge, which requires scouts to successfully learn various aspects of aviation and complete a series of tasks that afford them the opportunity to become pilots. Kholin Young, Patrol Leader of the Aztecs, Boy Scout Patrol from Troop 223 said that along with Assistant Patrol Leader Tristan King, the group decided to work on their skills in response to a shortage of pilots. “As a result of trying to be a part of the solution, our patrol was invited to learn and fly airplanes with some outstanding leaders of the aviation arena, which included pilots and instructors from the Fly Compton Southwest Airlines; the Experimental Aircraft Association; and the United States Air Force; all came together to put this event together so we youth may learn and start our a potential career in flight,” said Young. If anyone in grades 5-7 would like to join scouting, contact Greg Frost at (310) 454-2593.