Merriam-Webster defines Public Service as: a service rendered in the public interest, and Environmentalism as: advocacy of the preservation, restoration, or improvement of the natural environment, especially the movement to control pollution.

Inspector Hanley embodies these definitions, and much more. For decades Inspector Hanley has served the Citizens of Santa Monica, California, and by extension the people of the United States by serving the public interest, and protection of the environment.

I don’t mean by carrying signs, or shouting bumper sticker slogans. I mean by being in the trenches of the environmental movement every day. Shaping the means and methods of implementing California Environmental Legislation. Pioneering the inspection protocols for Hazardous Materials. Holding corporate interests accountable, and ensuring public safety.

Clean drinking water, clean air, protection from hazardous substances, fire prevention. These are all wonderful ideals. Easy to understand, not so easy to accomplish. When a public servant has made these ideals their life’s work someone should say something. So I am saying it now.

Thank you Monica. Thank you for your Leadership. Thank you for your Excellence. Thank you for your voice when no one was listening. Thank you for the everyday grind, that someone has to do, to protect us all.

But most of all, Thank you for your example. An example for all public servants to follow.

With Gratitude and Respect,
Mike McCarthy