Dear Editor:

What a waste of taxpayer dollars. Alex Villanueva has helicopters and dozens of deputies serve a search warrant on Supervisor Kuehl’s home which raises more questions about the sheriff than it does about anyone else. Why would the LA County Sheriff have a retired investigator who is unaffiliated with the LASD run this unit? Does the Sheriff really expect us to believe that it is just a coincidence that this investigator got the search warrant from a judge who employed the investigator’s wife and is close friends with this retired investigator? After all this is the same sheriff who threatened to investigate a reporter who published unflattering articles about him. What is obvious after this latest incident, is that Sheriff Villanueva will do anything in a desperate attempt to get re-elected and intimidate his critics. Alex Villanueva clearly belongs in the Los Angeles County jail.  As an inmate, not as a sheriff. 

Joel Koury, Santa Monica