An activist from Santa Monica is set to address world leaders at a historic UN education summit this September. The first-generation daughter of Mexican-Colombian immigrants is one of five youth ambassadors selected by global children’s charity Theirworld to address the United Nations in New York.

Jennifer Borrero, a 27-year-old campaigner, will advocate for change at the Transforming Education Summit in September in front of world leaders as the education crisis reaches breaking point. The five Theirworld Global Youth Ambassadors will put pressure on world leaders to make real commitments that will make education a reality for every child.

Governments and donors everywhere are underfunding education, and that has to change. In New York on September 19, world leaders will have the opportunity to come together and make commitments that could save this generation’s education.

Globally, 260 million children do not have a place in school. At this rate more than half of young people – 825 million – will leave school without the reading and writing skills needed to enter the workforce, leaving the future of a generation is at risk.

Jennifer hopes that the summit will serve as an opportunity for world leaders to implement action, instead of creating more of the empty promises that youth around the world have been hearing for too long.

Jennifer Borrero said: “Education for me has meant being able to provide for my family. My education has been the difference between just surviving and completely changing the course of my family’s life”.

Previously Jennifer has led programs on education and housing and now works in Los Angeles where she focuses on the intersection of Social Impact initiatives and Technology. She currently sits on the Homelessness Council within the Urban Land Institute, an organization focused primarily on housing policy in California.

Submitted by Jennifer Borrero