I’m writing in response to a portion of Wade Major’s September 2 letter to the editor of the Santa Monica Daily Press (A New Dawn for SMMUSD) in which he claims evidence that  Keith Coleman does not live in the SMMUSD District.

The City Clerk has twice determined that Mr. Coleman meets the residency criterion for service as an SMMUSD Board member.  First, at the time he was appointed in January 2021 and again when he filed in mid-August 2022 to stand for election.

Mr. Coleman has withdrawn his candidacy for election and resigned his current appointed position.  One of the reasons he has given for these decisions is his responsibility for the care of his father.  Another reason is his feeling of being bullied and subjected to threats to the safety of his family.

In his letter to the editor, Mr. Major references a video which he understands to be evidence of Mr. Coleman’s residency in Brentwood.  My response to the YouTube post entitled “SMMUSD Board member Keith Coleman caught living in Brentwood” differs from Mr. Major’s. 

Given the City Clerk’s repeated determination of Mr. Coleman’s eligibility to serve, the anonymous individuals who produced and posted the video are the ones to be excoriated.  Not Mr. Coleman.  

Michele Wittig, Santa Monica

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