Jail?: Trump and Rudy face the real possibility of going to the slammer. Courtesy image

On August 15, when Rudy Giuliani was informed he was a “target” of a criminal investigation into the 2020 election interference in Georgia, in an odd admission, he lamented,  “I hoped I would die a free man.” Apparently, Rudy’s anticipating the slammer. 

Last week Rudy spent six grueling hours testifying to a Georgia grand jury.  Additionally, he’s being sued by his ex-wife for $250k from their divorce decree or he might get more “slammer time.”  ( Friends say Donald Trump “Stole Rudy’s soul.”)

On  August 10, at a deposition by New York Attorney General Letitia James, Trump pleaded the 5th over four hundred times! The only question he actually answered was, “What is your name?”  James is investigating whether the Trump Organization violated banking, insurance, and tax laws and engaged in financial fraud.  

Ever hypocritical, in 2016 Trump trashed Hillary Clinton’s staff who plead the 5th over her e-mails, “It’s disgusting!” And in 2018 he said, “Only the mob pleads the 5th.”  Trump’s explanation for his using the 5th was, “I had no choice.” (He could have told the truth to which his inner self might have said, “Truth? Has it really come to that?”) 

Apparently, however, being a hypocritical narcissist has its advantages because in the two days following Trump’s deposition he received $2 million in donations, likely from people who can’t afford it. (Shock jock Howard Stern claims Trump  despises his “low class” followers except when they’re brutally attacking Capitol police.) 

However the Washington Post reports that Trump’s struggling to find reputable lawyers for his many investigations. Of course Trump is notoriously at odds with lawyers, always insisting he knows more than they do. (And also because he often doesn’t pay them.)  

Whereas Rudy’s ex-wife is suing him, Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana, may have financially benefited him. In July she died after a fall inside her house. Ivana, was quickly cremated and buried at of all places, at Trump’s Bedminister Golf Course. (If she was cremated why did it take 10 pallbearers? Pun intended, is there more beneath the surface?)    

Under New Jersey law, land used for cemetery purposes is exempt from real estate taxes, property taxes, income tax and judgments against the company. Brooke Harrington, a Dartmouth Economic Sociology professor, says using a golf course as a cemetery can be “a trifecta of tax avoidance.” 

Reportedly Ivana’s 30-year non-disclosure agreement was expiring this year which meant she would be finally free to talk. (Perhaps even to the Justice Department?) 

That brings me to August 12, when the FBI, whose Director, Christopher Wray, was appointed by Trump, authorized a legal search warrant on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. They seized 11 sets of classified records, more than 300 documents and over 700 pages,  including many marked “Top Secret.” (Apparently Trump went over these documents personally so I can picture him saying, “I wonder what Riyadh would pay for this?”) 

As for the documents, Trump’s many excuses included: I didn’t take them; but if I did they weren’t classified; and if they were classified, the FBI planted them; and Obama was worse, (Actually, Obama followed procedures.) I was packing in a hurry; and, like a spoiled 5-year old, “It’s not theirs, they’re mine!

Remember when Trump was so weirdly obsessed with toilets? “Some people have to flush ten or fifteen times.” Apparently, the “some” was Trump trying to flush documents.  In Maggie Haberman’s book  “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America” she quotes White House staff about the numerous times toilets had to be unclogged and has photos of the water-soaked papers with Trump’s handwriting.   (Flushing documents down a toilet in a house that has 28 fireplaces might be proof enough he’s not fit for office.) 

It’s obvious a Maga mole inside Trump’s orbit tipped the FBI where the documents could be found. (Can you say Jared?) Another red flag was a false declaration in June from Trump’s lawyer stating that all classified materials had been returned. That outrageous lie prompted the FBI to immediately seek a search warrant. 

Typical Trump “deny and delay,” he’s slowing the process by requesting a “special master” to oversee reviewing the evidence in a motion that’s been described as “factually baseless and legally frivolous.” He’s also released the names of the FBI agents and the judge who signed the search warrant. And yet, even Fox News defends the search!  Meanwhile Rudy reportedly said, “If Trump gets re-elected in 2024 he’ll raid every house Biden owns.” 

Rudy also described Trump’s first reaction watching the search as his being delighted by the size of  his Maga Maniac crowd protesting outside Mar-a-Lago. Call it wishful thinking,  but this prompted me to wonder how big the long suffering but finally joyous pro-democracy crowd  might be when Trump is frog marched to prison.  

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