Aaron Mikail  / SMDP Intern

In its most recent meeting, the Santa Monica Democratic Club (SMDC) released its endorsements for the General Municipal Election this November. The club endorsed a new set of candidates after some prior endorsees failed to garner enough support in the primary elections. 

In July, more than 50 members of the club tuned into the virtual meeting to hear candidates speak. The three-hour-long meeting consisted of candidates discussing policies they would implement if elected into office. A subsequent vote was then taken and results were turned in. 

The SMDC endorsed Robert Luna for County Sheriff, Lindsey Horvath for Supervisor (District 3), and Anna Reitano for Superior Court Judge (Seat 60).

With supporters citing his impressive background, specifically his prior experience leading the second largest sheriff’s department in the country, Luna won with an overwhelming majority of the vote. As indicated by the results, members of the SMDC hope Luna can challenge incumbent Alex Villanueva, who has widely received criticism for being involved in multiple scandals as well as allegedly perpetrating misconduct. 

“My vision for the sheriff’s department … is for it to be the best in the nation. I want it to be forward-thinking. I want it to be able to think outside the box. I want it to evolve with our community,” Luna said during the club meeting. 

“The [current] leadership is unacceptable. The lack of transparency. The lack of accountability. The lack of willingness to cooperate with oversight. All those things will not happen with me as your sheriff,” Luna said with his closing remarks.

Members also supported Horvath, placing emphasis on her ability to combat the hardest problems, deliver results and create change for Angelenos. In her speech to the club, Horvath asked her audience a series of rhetorical questions: “How do we build coalitions that reflect the diversity of our communities and our county, and make sure everyone has a seat at the table?” “How do we keep people safe?” “How do we get people back to work?”

She encouraged the club to consider these questions, as Horvath herself described how she approached her work with the coalition. 

The club also supported Anna Reitano, who described her experience as a state attorney and the distinct perspective she would bring to the country court. 

“I spent my career embracing new laws and I will continue to adapt to stay abreast to the current law once I’m elected to the benefit of the county,” Reitano said, later adding, “I share your values and I hope to earn your support.”

The Nov. 8, 2022, election includes candidates for local, regional and state offices. For more information and to check your voter status, visit www.lavote.gov.